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Welcome to my webpage.

I have published a newsletter called DOUTT DIALOGUES for the Doutt family since 1991. I have been able to share information about our family with a lot of people. It has been very rewarding, and I hope we all have learned much about our Doutt family.

I plan to share exerpts of the newsletters in this website. Eventually, most of the information in the newsletters should find its way into this website.

Our Doutt family begins with John Doutt (originally found as Johannes Daut), born 1778, and died 1830 in Butler County, Pennsylvania. There are many opinions about where he came from. Some feel that he was the immigrant ancestor, coming from England, or Germany, or ? There seems to be no proof. I personally think that he was born in this country, but I have no proof, either.

I have one request of the readers. If you find that you are connected to this Doutt family, please send me an e-mail, and let me know who you are and how you connect to the Doutt family. That way, our family will continue to grow.

So, lets begin with John Doutt.





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