Doutt Dialogues

Questions and Answers

Here are the answers to a few questions I thought of.


1) What is Doutt Dialogues?

Ans. I started printing a newsletter for the Doutt family in 1991, and called it Doutt Dialogues. Somehow I have continued over the years, mailing it out (often late) four times a year. This webpage is a reflection of the paper newsletter. Most, if not all, of the information in this website can be found in the newsletters.


2) What about the female lines?

Ans. I consider the female lines to be Doutts as well. They are often much harder to research than the male lines, but I think they are just as important.


3) How can you contact me?

Ans: Send an e-mail to I will always answer you, and if it is appropriate, will put information concerning your query in this website.


4) Can you link to this website?

Ans: Absolutely.


5) How can you send photos and attachments?

Ans: Just send them to my e-mail address in #3. If you don't wish to e-mail them, write me a note, and I will tell you how to send them to me.





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This page last revised on October 24, 2005