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John Daut / Johann Dautt / John Doutt

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson

Although much of the life of our progenitor, John Doutt, remains a mystery, we do know he was one of those immigrants who did so much in the settlement of our nation. THE PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH.

John Doutt was born February 18, 1778, location unknown. Tradition says he came to America from England. However, we know he was of German descent. Perhaps he traveled from Germany to England to work for passage to America. Or, perhaps his family was one of many who left the Palatinate to settle in England to escape religious persecution. There is much speculation concerning John. One source provided a shocker: "Of course, you know that John Doutt came to America disguised as a woman" ! Another source says John was the brother of Daniel Daut we find in records of Jordan Lutheran & Reformed Church, Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. This may be so and perhaps they came to America as a "couple". One source says John married a woman who had been kidnapped, as a child, by gypsies. Speculation is great, but what is needed is proof.

We first find John in the records of Jordan Lutheran & Reformed Church (where his name was spelled Johannes Daut) with the baptism of his children: Ruben (1801), Daniel (1803), John H. (1805), and Absalom Solomon (1806). The mother of these children was Elisabeth <surname unknown>. By the time of birth of Catherine (1811), the family was in Friedensburg, Schuylkill County (PA) and records come from St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church (now known as St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church). There followed the birth of Salome (1813). A week following Salome's birth Elisabeth died, March 14, and she is buried in the church cemetery. There we find the second spelling of John's name, Johann Dautt, on Elisabeth's tombstone.

Later John married Catherine Good, who may have been the daughter of Jacob and Catherine Guth. The birth of John and Catherine's son, Amon (1816) is found in the records of St. John's Church. There may have been a daughter, Ann, also. Proof is needed.

By the birth of son Amos (1817), the family was in Northumberland County (PA). Here is found the first record of John owning land. He purchased land with Martin Preiss (who is also mentioned in the records of St. John's Church). A year later John sold his portion of the land to Martin Preiss. Perhaps this was at the time of their journey to Western Pennsylvania. Their last known son, Aron, was born about 1824, probably in Butler County. There may have been other children but no record of them has been found.

John was a tanner by trade. He may have been a farmer while in Butler County. John must have been a literate man. We find in the inventory of his estate a desk, a bookcase, and 42 books. This is unusual for this time, 1830, when the average family owned but one book, the Bible. In these records we find the spelling of the name as John Doutt. We known the family used this spelling.

John died March 9, 1830, in Connoquenessing Township, Butler County, PA. He is buried in the Mennonite Cemetery near Harmony. There is no stone for John but is he buried in the 11th row, Section B. If consent can be obtained, there will be a stone erected in the near future.
An interesting fact concerning the town of Harmony is that the land was sold to George Rapp in 1803 for the establishment of a communal society. It has been said that it was the most successful of communal societies for awhile. In 1814, George Rapp was feeling the pressure of more and more people coming to the area so he moved his people to New Harmony, Indiana, after having sold the town (6,000 acres) to Abraham Ziegler for $100,000. In the society was a John Dautt, who had come from Wurttemburg, Germany, as member of the George Rapp Society. One may find his name in records at the Harmony Museum today. He is not to be confused with our John Doutt.

After John's Death, Catherine made her home with son, Aron. It is not known where Catherine is buried.

The heritage left by John Doutt is summed up so eloquently by Gerber in his EMIGRANTS FROM WUERTTEMBURG - THE ADOLPH GERBER LISTS. "Deep down in the very foundation of our nation's history, practically lost in obscurity, were the hard-working, persevering, creative pioneers, without whom no superstructure, however, emposing, could long endure. Among these pioneers, of all those industrious, the most industrious, of all those persevering, the most persevering, of all those reliable the most reliable, of all those American the most genuinely American stand the Pennsylvania Dutch. It was this group of 18th century immigrants into Pennsylvania that furnished the leaven wherewith all the racial groups that came to America were really leavened."

*The above article appeared in the March 1991 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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Ruben Doutt(1801-1886)

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson


Ruben was the first child of John (1778-1830) and Elisabeth (1782-1813) Doutt. He was born October 7, 1801, in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County (then Northampton County), Pennsylvania. Ruben was baptized November 8, 1801, in the Jordan Lutheran & Reformed Church. His sponsors were Andreas Gut and Maria Benefield.

Ruben is the spelling used here and it was supposedly used by the family and in early records. The family also used the spellings Aron and Amon for other sons.

At the age of 22 years, Ruben married Anna Stopp, daughter of Jacob and Christine (Anewalt) Stopp. The marriage took place February 26, 1824, in N. Whitehall Township, Lehigh County. It wasn't long after their marriage that Ruben and Anna arrived in Butler County, Pennsylvania, where they became members of the Grace Reformed Church in Harmony. Harmony has an interesting history, first built by George Rapp and his Harmonist Society. The whole town was later sold to Abraham Ziegler and a group of Mennonites.
It is believed that Ruben and Anna were, at one time, members of the Mennonite Church in Harmony. However, no proof has been found. Records of the Grace Reformed Church of Harmony show that Ruben and Anna were confirmed April 10, 1847, giving rise to speculation they had joined another church in Harmony. Ruben was a carpenter and cabinet maker and has been referred to in records as "a Mennonite church builder".

Ruben and Anna had a family of 16 children, 11 living to maturity. All of the children were born in Butler County, probably W. Connoquenessing Township, in or near Harmony. They were: Absalom (1824-1825); John (1826-1902) who married Susan Ziegler, had 10 children, married #2 Marietta Downey and settled in Venango County; Marion (1827-1829); then twins Ruben and Anna: Ruben (1829-1917) married Susan Stamates, had 4 children, married #2 Permelia Everly and had 1 son (this Ruben was one of the first Doutts to leave Pennsylvania to "go west", as far as the Warsaw area of Indiana. Some of his children moved farther west, as far as they could go without crossing the ocean); Anna (1829- ) married William Lytle and had as many as eight children and settled in Crawford County; Sarah (1831-1831); Jacob (1832- 1916) married Sarah E. Houghton, had at least one son and settled in Venango County; Joseph (1834-1834); Abraham (1835-1872) married Margaret McClelland/Nicholson, had 6 children and is buried in Crawford County; Samuel S. (1837-1906) married Julia Ann Marley, had 5 children and settled in Crawford County; Daniel (1839-1910) married Eleanor (Ellen) Marshall, had 5 children and they lived for the most part in Venango County; Aron (1841-pre-1850); Catherine (1842- ) married Charles H. Stopp and had an adopted son; Sarah (1845- ) married _______ Cook; Mary McCellena (1847-1884); Levi (1849-1882).

According to HISTORY OF VENANGO CO., PA, published in 1890, "Some years after 1830, (a relative term as Ruben was yet in Butler County in 1850), Reuben Doutt built a hewed-log house a story and a half high at the village of Springville, known as a postoffice under the name of Balliet. The village is 7 miles from Franklin and near the center of the township."

Anna Stopp Doutt, born probably in Lehigh County, January 11, 1803, died April 6, 1866, probably in Crawford County. She is buried in Mumford Chapel Cemetery, E. Fairfield Township, Crawford County. After her death, Ruben made his home with son, Abraham, where in the 1870 census of E. Fairfield Township he is 69 years old and his occupation is listed as cabinet maker. Ruben died March 30, 1886, and is buried beside Anna in Mumford Chapel Cemetery.

*The above article appeared in the June 1991 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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Daniel Seymor Doutt (1803-1852)

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson


Daniel Seymor Doutt was the second child of John Doutt (1778-1830) and Elisabeth (1782-1813). He was born June 9, 1803, in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County (then Northampton County), Pennsylvania. Daniel's baptismal date of September 11, 1803, is reflected in the records of Jordan Lutheran & Reformed Church, Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, PA. His sponsors were Daniel Daut and wife, Maria. It is possible that Daniel Daut (the sponsor) may have been a brother of John. It remains to be proven.

Daniel married Susanna Sevison on March 9, 1834, either in Lehigh County or Northumberland County, PA. Nothing is known of Susanna's parents. At the birth of their first child in 1835, Daniel and Susanna were in Northumberland County and stayed there at least two years. At the time their third child was born, Daniel and Susanna were in Clarion County, PA, where they lived about ten years and finally were in Lawrence County, PA, at the birth of their last child. Following are the children of Daniel and Susanna.

(1) John Oyster Doutt, born February 9, 1935, in Northumberland County, PA, married Margaret Ann Thomas (1830-1911), the daughter of Andrew and Mary (Hoster) Thomas. John and Margaret were the parents of seven children. During his life, John was a shipping clerk and farmer. John and Margaret spent their later life in Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio, where John died April 3, 1895. Both are buried in Hope Cemetery, Salem.

(2) Elizabeth Doutt, born December 7, 1837, in Northumberland County, married Abraham (Abram) Thomas (1835-1908) on October 7, 1858, in Lawrence County, PA. Abraham was the son of Andrew and Mary (Haubaugh) Thomas. Elizabeth and Abraham had eleven children, all born in Beaver County, PA, and christened by the Rev. Patterson at Camp Run. Zelienople is the post office of Camp Run. Elizabeth and Abraham later moved to Levels, Hampshire County, W. VA, where Abraham died December 22, 1908, and Elizabeth on August 4, 1918. Both are buried at Levels, W.VA.

(3) Jeremiah Sevison Doutt, born December 28, 1839, in Clarion County, PA, married Mary Ann Wright (probably ca 1869), the daughter of James and Margaret (Scott) Wright. Jeremiah and Mary Ann (1845-1913) had five children, all born near Rochester, Beaver County, PA. Beaver County has no record of Jeremiah's death. His place of burial is unknown. Mary Ann died in Rochester and is buried in Camp Run Cemetery. Does anyone know if Jeremiah is buried beside her?

(4) Centelene Doutt was born July 31, 1841, in Clarion County. Not much is known about Centelene. She was called "Aunt Saint Helene" by her nieces and nephews. In the 1850 census, Centelene, age 18, is shown working as a domestic at the Bentel family home. She married John Marshall. Centelene died in 1940. Please, we need to know more about Centelene.

(5) James Ross Doutt was born December 30, 1843, in Clarion Co., PA. This is all that is known of James.

(6) Reuben Lite Doutt was born June 7, 1846, in Clarion Co., PA. How sad his short life. At the age of 17, Reuben enlisted in Company C, 100th Regiment - Round Heads during the Civil War. He died of typhoid fever in a Washington, D.C. hospital a little over two months following his 18th birthday. He died August 16, 1864, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. (See his photo elsewhere in this newsletter).

(7) Mary Jane Doutt was born ca 1848. This is all that is known of Mary Jane.

(8) The last child of Daniel and Susanna was Anna Elizabeth Doutt, born August 26, 1849, in Lawrence County, PA. Anna married William Nagel (1848-1932) on October 27, 1870, probably in Lawrence County. William was the son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Fry) Nagel. Anna and William lived for a lot of years in Ellwood City, PA. They had seven children. Anna died July 30, 1913, at the age of 63 years, 11 months, and 4 days in Wayne Township, Lawrence County, of heart failure due to nephritis. Many in the family of Daniel died young of heart problems. Anna is buried with William in Locust Grove Cemetery in Ellwood City.

Daniel died a tragic death on December 3, 1852. He drowned in the Ohio River. (Does anyone know at what location?) He was buried in Old Beaver Cemetery, Beaver, PA. Quite a few years ago that cemetery was made into a park, with the remains being transferred to New Beaver Cemetery. Since Daniel's name does not appear on the plaque at the park, it is evident he didn't have a tombstone. Where his remains are is not known. Susanna lived until March 4, 1879, and she is buried in St. Mark's Lutheran Church Cemetery (now a Baptist Church) in Lillyville, Beaver County, PA.

The information compiled for this article came from many, many sources. If additions and/or corrections can be given, it would be appreciated.

*The above article appeared in the September 1991 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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John H. Doutt (1805-1877)

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson


John H. Doutt was the third son of John and Elizabeth, being born 19 Jan 1805, and baptized 24 Feb 1805 at the Jordan Reformed Church, S. Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. The sponsors at his baptism were John Hofman and Catherine Guth.

John married Lydia (or Leyda) Frantz on 23 November 1830, in Armstrong Co., PA. Lydia was born 19 Dec 1809, the daughter of "Isaac Frantz of Belfonte, PA". They are found living in Armstrong Co., PA in 1850 and 1860 census, where John is listed as a stonemason. Lydia died on 22 May 1867, and John died 24 Jan 1877. It is not known where they are buried.

John's wife, Lydia (Leyda) Frantz may have been born in Germany (as reported on a son's death certificate). If so, the name Leyda seems likely.

John and Lydia raised a large family of ten children, probably all born in Armstrong Co., PA. Each of their children married and had children. Although all of the information is not verified, I have names of 63 grandchildren; that is quite an impressive legacy left by John and Lydia. Their children are:

(1) Mary Catherine Doutt was born about 1831, and married a man named Spitnoys. Apparently they had seven children, all born in Frostburg, Allegany Co., MD, but that information needs to be verified.

(2) Lavina Doutt was born about 1833, married Joseph Rimbey, and may have had five children. Again, it needs verification.

(3) William Semmes Doutt, the first son, was born 24 or 27 Sep 1834. He married Elisabeth Ann George (1840-1923) in 1857 (Armstrong Co., PA), and they had eleven children. Elisabeth was the daughter of John and Susan (Davis) George. William died 14 Sep 1909 in Butler Co., and is buried at the Methodist Church Cemetery in Peterville, PA. William served in the Civil War from the state of Pennsylvania.

(4) John Tarlton Doutt was born next, 20 Sep 1837. Tarlton married Mary Anne Campbell in 1862, and they had seven children. He died in Allegheny Co., PA on 16 Nov 1904, and is buried in Bradys Bend, Armstrong Co., PA.

(5) Rebecca Jane Doutt was born 1839. She was found in Armstrong Co., PA in the 1860 and 1870 census living with her husband, James Campbell (abt 1831- ?). They had two children. In December, 1909, Rebecca was living in Butler, PA.

(6) David K. Doutt was born 7 Aug 1841. He served in the Civil War, and after his return, married 31 Mar 1868 to Elizabeth Morgan (1843-1916). They lived in Bradys' Bend (Armstrong Co.) PA and later in Bowling Green (Wood Co.) OH. They had four children. David died 9 Sep 1909 in Bowling Green, OH, after being thrown from a wagon on account of a runaway horse. He is buried there, in Oak Grove Cemetery.

(7) Martha E. Doutt was born in July 1843. She married Hamilton Gallagher (about 1840- ?) about 1865, and had seven children. They were found in Armstrong Co., PA in 1870, and in Butler Co., PA by 1880. It is not known when Martha died, but it was after her brother's death in 1909.

(8) Ellen Joy Doutt was born about 1845. We know very little about her. Apparently she married and had eight children, but they name of her husband is not known.

(9) James W. Doutt was born about 1846. He married Anna Iaman (1862-1930), had seven children, and was found in Butler Co., in 1880. James died in 1889, in Sandusky, OH and is buried there.

(10) Samuel Wallace Doutt was born 14 Feb 1848. He married Sarah E. (Sallie) Kelly (1845-1909), and they had five children. [See the bible record in this issue]. They lived in Ohio, and Samuel died in Toledo (Lucas Co.) OH on 21 Dec 1924. Samuel married secondly Inez ___?___, after Sarah's death.
You can see that there are many questions left to be answered about this family. If anyone can fill in any of the blanks, I would bemost grateful.

*The above article appeared in the December 1991 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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Absalom Solomon Doutt (1806- ? )

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson


Absalom Solomon Doutt was born August 27, 1806, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, to John and Elizabeth Daut/Dautt/Doutt. While his later life remains a mystery, his early life is well documented. Sometime between April 1816 and July 1817, Absalom journeyed with his family from Lehigh County to Northumberland County. The family moved to western Pennsylvania in the early 1820's. By 1829, Absalom was in Armstrong County where on April 18th, he married Elizabeth McFarland, daughter of William and Nancy McFarland.

A ledger handed down in the family suggests that Absalom must have been a storekeeper as well as a teacher. The ledger records sales and loan transactions as well as arithmetic problems he used in his teaching.

Tradition says Absalom and Elizabeth had four sons; only 3 have been proven.

James M. was born November 10, 1832, in Westmoreland County, according to a history of Armstrong County. It would seem more likely he was born in Armstrong County. In April 1854, James married Hannah R. Schall, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Byerly) Schall. James and Hannah were the parents of 11 children. James and Hannah lived in Ironton, Ohio, and Greenup County, Kentucky, until sometime between 1873 and 1876. By the time of the birth of their tenth child in 1876, they had returned to Armstrong County where James bought the estate of his mother from her heirs. He and Hannah lived in Cowanshannock Township until their deaths. Both are buried in Mahoning Baptist Church Cemetery, Smicksburg, Pennsylvania. James died July 9, 1903.

Ephraim Theodore was born December 22, 1833. He married Emeline Butler on January 10, 1855, probably in Armstrong County. Emeline was the daughter of Betsy and John Butler. Theodore and Emeline were in Ohio when the birth of their first child occurred in 1856. They were in Clarion County, Pennsylvania when their third child was born in 1860. Eleven more children blessed this family. Theodore was a carpenter and remained in Clarion County until his death on May 9, 1882. He is buried near his mother and stepfather in Herman Cemetery, Smithland. In 1890, Emeline married David S. Wilson. She died December 2, 1911, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Absalom Solomon, Jr., was born August 27, 1835, in Armstrong County. He married 1) Margaret Jane Abshire October 30, 1856, in Lawrence County, Ohio. A son, William Theodore, was born there June 1, 1857. Marital problems developed a couple of years later and Absalom took his young son to Clarion County to live with Absalom's mother. Absalom returned to Ohio and in 1861 instituted divorce proceedings. Court records show the first petition was filed in September, 1862, according to Absalom's Civil War records. The divorce petition was dismissed May 15, 1866, "with prejudice". Evidently, the court was unaware of Margaret's death and Absalom's absence due to his service in the Civil War. Absalom was enrolled as a private of Company H, 5th Regiment, West Virginia Cavalry Volunteers, June 10, 1861, and was discharged June 29, 1864, when his company was mustered out. Absalom returned to Clarion County where he married 2) Sarah G. Smith, daughter of Philip and Mary (Weaver) Smith on July 26, 1864. Absalom and Sarah had eight children. Absalom was a collier. After the birth of their first child in Clarion County, Absalom and Sarah went to Greenup County, Kentucky, where Absalom worked at various furnaces along the Ohio River. The family moved to Chester, Illinois, then to Independence, Missouri, and Absalom settled in Topeka, Kansas, where he died July 26, 1903. Absalom and Sarah are buried in Topeka Cemetery. Absalom's first-born remained in Clarion County and was reared by Absalom's mother.

Tradition says there was a fourth son, William, born to the senior Absalom and Elizabeth. William would have been the first born. About 1837, Absalom left his family, taking William with him. His family never heard from him again.

In December 1844, Elizabeth started divorce proceedings against Absalom. In September, 1845, she was granted the divorce and she married Samuel Blair. A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to this union August 26, 1846. Elizabeth and Samuel settled in Clarion County. Elizabeth died there June 8, 1886, and is buried in Herman Cemetery, Smithland.


*The above article appeared in the March 1992 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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Amon, Amos, and Aron

by Ruth Doutt Ingertson


Amon Doutt (1816 - ?)

Amon, Amos, and Aron are the last three sons of John Doutt and his second wife, Catherine Good.
The Biblical spelling of Amon and Aron is not used here because, as indicated in the ledger of Absalom Doutt in the early 1830's, this is the spelling used by the family.

Amon was born in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, on April 27, 1816. He was baptized September 16, 1816, at St. John's Reformed and Lutheran Church, Friedensburg, Schuylkill County, PA, with sponsors George Rohn and wife, Mary. Amon went with his family from Schuylkill County (with a short stay in Northumberland County) to western Pennsylvania (Butler County) and later settled in Beaver County. There in Beaver, Amon married #1, Sarah Lafferty on November 2, 1843. Their marriage was
announced in the November 3, 1843, issue of the ARGUS: "Amon Dout of Borough Township married Miss Lafferty of Brighton Township by James D. Eakin, Esq". Sarah was the daughter of James and Sarah (Underhill) Lafferty. Information concerning Sarah is meager. She was born ca 1828. Sarah bore two sons: Amos Marlin (1844-1912) married #1 Emma Alice Green and had four children. #2 marriage was to Elizabeth Wallis and had two sons; James Lafferty (1849-1918) married Exsana Morton (1851-1923). They were the parents of six children. Sarah Lafferty Doutt died ca 1849 and is buried in Irvin Cemetery (sometimes spelled Irwin) in Rochester, Beaver County, PA.

Amon married #2 Sarah Rice (1829-1916) in 1850. Sarah was the daughter of John and Rachel (Lamb) Rice. There were nine children of this marriage: William (1850-1914) married Mary Ella Smith and had nine or ten children; Calvin (1851-1912) married Elizabeth Ellis and had twelve children; Emmaline "Emma" (1853- ) married James C. Hamilton and had three children; Amon M. (1854-1929) married Belinda E. "Linnie" Grove and had one daughter; Sarah "Sadie" (1856- ) married ____?___ Bulger and had three children; Josephine (1857- ) married ___?___ Evans and had three children; Frances (1859-1939) married Joseph Park Grove and had at least one child (a son who died at age 5 months); Joseph Henry (1860-1929) married Mary Ellen Upperman and had ten children; Matilda "Tillie" (ca 1865- ) married Curtis Henry Bartlett. No other information on Tillie. Curtis Bartlett was a resident of Durand, Michigan at the time of their marriage, so perhaps they settled there.

In November, 1857, Amon petitioned Orphan's Court for guardianship of his two sons of the first marriage, so they might share in the estate of their maternal grandfather, James Lafferty.
In the Bridgewater, PA, 1876 Centennial Directory, Amon is listed as a teamster.

Amon died ca 1896 and is believed to be buried beside his first wife, Sarah.

In later years, Sarah (Rice) Doutt lived in Tionesta, Forest County, PA, where she died in 1929 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery there.

Amos Doutt (1817 - 1891)

So little is known of the family of Amos. According to HISTORY OF BEAVER COUNTY, PA, published by A. Warner & Co., 1888, Amos was born July 7, 1817, in Northumberland County, PA. That was a short "stop-over" as the family moved from Schuylkill County to Butler County. This same book says Amos was reared in Harmony Township, Butler County. Amos was a lime burner. On November 9, 1847, Amos married Sarah McNaughton (1823-1893), parents unknown.

Amon and Sarah had four known children. Because of the span between births, there may have been other children who did not survive. The known children: Agnes (1849-1906) married Joseph L. Courtney on May 20, 1869, and had at least three children; Henry Ashton (1854-1919) married Elda Eve MacKenzie and had six children; Irwin W. (ca 1858- ) married Laura E. Moorhead and had six children; Kathryn/Catherine "Katie L." (1862-1918) never married.

Citing the Warner & Co., HISTORY OF BEAVER COUNTY, PA, again, we find on page 581 that Amos was a trustee when the Methodist Church, known as Dravo Chapel, was dedicated on November 21, 1869. On page 643, it states "Mr. and Mrs. Doutt are members of the Presbyterian church. In politics he is a Democrat and has been school director, supervisor and assessor, and has filled nearly all the offices within the gift of the township".

Amos died March 30, 1891. Sarah died June 16, 1893. Both died at Vanport, Beaver County and are buried in Beaver Cemetery.

The Doutt plot at Beaver Cemetery (Lot #16, Section E) contains one large stone with the surname DOUTT. There are no individual stones, except for some Courtney stones nearby. According to cemetery records, buried in Lot #16 are: Amos, Sarah, child of Doutt, Nancy McKnight, Aaron, Agnes Courtney, Infant of Charles Courtney, Joseph L. Courtney, Kathryn C. Doutt, Clarence B. Courtney, Elta H. Courtney, Joseph Emmett Courtney, Virginia M. Courtney, and Virginia Courtney. Who is Nancy McKnight?


Aron Doutt (1824 - 1900)

Aron is the least known son of John Doutt. He must have been born in Butler County. According to the 1860 census, his age was 36, thus born ca 1824. However, the Beaver County Historical Research Department say Aron died August 7, 1900, at age 82. Which is correct???

Aron married Susan Ann ____?____ who was born ca 1827, according to the 1860 census. She may have been the daughter of James Lafferty and a sister to Sarah, who married Amon. No more is known about Susan.

Aron and Susan had a son, James, born ca 1849. No other information.

Aron was reported in the Beaver County ARGUS issue of May 16, 1849, as having had the first case of cholera in Beaver County. He lived in Vanport then. He had recently returned from New Orleans and was recovering. Aron had lived in Pleasants County, WV, at one time. In a history of that county, it stated he made frequent trips to New Orleans, where the people described him as a "quaint little Pennsylvania Dutch gentleman". He walked with a limp and used a cane.

Aron died in Pittsburgh, PA, and is buried in Beaver Cemetery in Lot #16 with the other Doutts. What happened to Susan and James?

Perhaps others

Now that the sons of John Doutt have been considered, what about the daughters? So little is known of them. There was Catherine and Salome born to Elizabeth. Of the second marriage, Catherine is said to have had seven children, with Amos being the third child. There is a daughter Catherine who married Philip Wiggins. Is she of the first or second marriage? Her tombstone gives her birth year as 1814. If that is correct, then she would be of the second marriage. What about the daughter, Catherine, born in 1811? Did she survive to adulthood? How about Salome, whose birth resulted in the death of Elizabeth?
There may have been daughters, Ann, Margaret, and Elizabeth of the second marriage. No records have been found of them. Beside John Doutt in the Mennonite Cemetery is buried a person with the initials M.A.D. Could this be Margaret? Who is the seventh child of the marriage of John and Catherine? So many questions and where will the answers be found? Help is needed.

*The above article appeared in the June 1992 issue of DOUTT DIALOGUES. The author, Ruth Doutt Ingertson, was possibly the premier researcher of the Doutt family genealogy. She passed away in September 1999.

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