Doutt Dialogues


Unidentified Photographs


A researcher sent me the following pictures, found among a relative's treasures. She believes

they are of people in Ephraim Theodore Doutt's line, although some could be of branch families.

If you can identify any of them, please let me know.


#6 I was able to identify this picture as Nancy Elizabeth Doutt,

(Daughter of Ephriam Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler)





#10 This picture is a Doutt Reunion picture that I haven't seen before, dated Aug. 30, 1924. Many of the people look familiar, but I can't identify anyone for sure.

#11This picture was taken the same day at the Doutt Reunion. The man second from right is John Clinton Doutt, son of Ephraim Theodore Doutt and Emeline Butler. I suspect that they are all siblings, but are yet to be identified.

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